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Treshell: 22: trash

witness o n e paging witnes t w o

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The Jenny Mills deleted scene actually looked really important…


Why the hell was that deleted? 


they’re coming back to teevee screens next week!

and this blog may become a part-time SH art blog again oops.

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Just when the night is darkest, he shines a light. And a new life begins.


PSD #2 by Gracecrane

- Works on most scenes

- Contains vibrance

- Added a pink/blue gradient layer (optional) to help with really green scenes (5th gif)

- b/w gradient layer 

- adjust layers as you see fit

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- mf//db :)

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There was an idea called the A v e n g e r s  I n i t i a t i v e. The idea was to bring together a group of of remarkable people to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles that we never could.
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“I would say she doesn’t cling to her wardrobe the way that Crane does,” he teases, adding that when Mrs. Crane hits the mall, her style is “pretty edgy.” So… no Revolutionary War re-enactor costumes? “She’s a much cooler dresser in a way of mixing and matching the modern era with her own.”

katrina’s about to hit up the hot topic clearance rack and come out lookin like


get to know me | favorite movies [2/5→ the prince of egypt (1998)


3 page spread in the “Returning Favorites” issue of TV Guide (September 22-29 issue). See a few of Costume Designer Kristin Burke’s cool concepts for the baddies in the upcoming season.

Scans now in the galleries at Tom-Mison.com

I'll make a man out of you.

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Summer Movie Binge Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

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You know that really epic long post you made answering an anon who asked if Tom and Nicole get along in rl? Could you do an updated one? There have been so many new interviews with shippy stuff, it could be a part 2. THANKS!


alright…part 2. sorry it took me like 8 years to answer


"I rented a cottage, a little house […] with a garden. I messed around in the garden and I hung out with guys like Orlando and Tom. We just made it as home-ish as I could.”imageimage

"I’m very lucky. I get to work with Nicole all the time."image

"At San Diego Comic-Con in July, [executive producer Alex Kurtzman] and Bob [Orci] were on the panel, and then some weird British guy—me—and the beautiful Nicole.


"She does sing. She has the most incredible voice."imageimage

Tom Mison is a sexy [motherfucker]. He’s cute, right? He’s a cute guy.




"Mondays are pretty crazy for us, but it’s the first day, so we start pretty early in the morning. So we get out in time and Tom and I are always like, “Are you going to watch the show? Oh, I don’t know.” And the next thing you know we’re texting each other. “Did you hear the music? What happened? Why did they edit it like that? What’s going on?”


It really helps having an actor who becomes a friend over the last year, because then we get to hang out and play together, and that makes it so much easier." (Tom)


*touches nicole for no reason*image ”One of the things I like that we can do is, we’ll have this personal moment. Then suddenly I’ll start doing a vocal warm-up and Tom will start. We just kind of synchronize sometimes. We’ll start with hmmm hm hmmmm lalalala babababa *Tom goes hmmm hm hmmm* and then we’ll do push-ups. […] We’re very different people but we tune in every now and then, it’s pretty cool.image

"Do you have a favorite ‘Ichabod meets someone from the 21st century moment’?"  Tom: I think Yolanda, the OnStar Lady, that was a fun one…





image bonus:

image ok there’s more but this post is already too damn long, so enjoy…image

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PSD #1 by Gracecrane

- Works on all scenes

- Contains vibrance

- B/W gradient opt.

- Adjust layers as you please

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- Download here —> mf//db :)

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